Social Engagement & Healthy Eating

Social engagement

Olive oil is one of the most used items in all
our kitchens.
We use it to sauté, roast, bake, grill, marinate, or enjoy it on its own, drizzled over your best dishes making them even better.
Origin 846 prides itself on being a farm to bottle unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. Even more than that, we understand how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle and feed your family with only the best ingredients.
Eating healthy is much more than the food we eat. Be aware of your eating habits and cook as often as you can. After all, eating your meals is always best enjoyed with family and friends.

We’ve created healthy recipes for you to enjoy with your family every day.

We understand how good food nourishes the soul and keeps you feeling refreshed every day.

It is the healthiest, the most delicious unfiltered and unprocessed extra virgin olive oil for you to enjoy every day.