How origin is made

How it is made


Origin 846 is a first cold pressed UNPROCESSED and UNFILTERED extra virgin olive oil, perfect for everyday use in your kitchen.

Smooth, satisfying flavor

Origin 846 is the perfect unfiltered and unprocessed extra virgin olive oil to compliment your favorite dishes every day. With its smooth, mild, and fresh flavor, it's perfect to drizzle over grilled vegetables, dip delicious breads, create the best marinades, salad dressings, and use it to sauté, roast, and bake.

Farm to Bottle

Origin 846 extra virgin olive oil prides itself on being Farm to Bottle. It is made from 100% Tunisian olives cultivated using sustainable farming methods and is not blended with other oils from other countries.

Unique decanting process

Only Origin 846 uses a unique decanting process eliminating unwanted sediment, ensuring a fresh and smooth tasting olive oil that retains its original polyphenol and antioxidant benefits.

Farm to Bottle

Our farmers cultivate the olives for Origin 846 using the same sustainable farming methods as their ancestors.

Origin 846’s olives are not treated with chemicals or additives, and are always single-source. Once the olives ripen, they are carefully handpicked with only the best selected for cold pressing.  They are then transported to our mills within hours of harvest, where they are inspected by Quality Assurance. Our master millers then lightly wash, sort and first cold-press them. The first cold-pressing of the olives separates them into three different components; unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, water and olive paste. The water is sent back to our farms to irrigate our orchards, the olive paste is used to create olive pomace oil including other by-products such as soap, cosmetics and green charcoal.

What makes Origin 846 truly unique is the process by which the unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is decanted.
Once the fresh unfiltered extra virgin olive oil has passed all the necessary quality control tests, it is poured into stainless steel tanks to allow the sediment (olive skins, pits and pulp) to settle at the bottom for several days.
When ready to extract, we test again for quality and then pull the extra virgin olive oil from the top of the tanks and pour in a dark bottle which protects the oil from harmful UV rays.
The result of our farmers’ hard work is a smooth and fresh tasting unfiltered extra virgin olive oil that retains its antioxidants, low oleic acid, polyphenol, oleocanthal, vitamins E, K, and other beneficial fatty content.

Each bottle of Origin 846 contains only unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from hand-picked olives grown in
our orchards. Each delicious production is fully traceable, down to the lot, where the actual olive trees live.
The transparency of where our food comes from is important to Origin 846, which is why we show
you this information, directly on our labels:

– The on our label indicates the day the olive oil was produced.
– The E on the label indicates the best before date.
– The L is the lot number of the olive oil.

At any time, you can contact us to obtain a Certificate of Analysis, to understand the components of our extra virgin olive oil.. 

Keeping with the brand name, Origin 846 extra virgin olive oil is kept in dark plastic bottles, measuring 846ml.

We only use dark plastic to ensure our olive oil is protected from harmful UV rays. Exposure to UV rays damages olive oil and its health benefits.
This is very important to the benefits of Origin 846 – all its antioxidant and polyphenol properties are maintained due to the decanting and unfiltering process.