Origin 846

Discover how Origin 846’s extra virgin olive oil remains unfiltered and unprocessed through a unique decanting process, its traceability from Farm to Bottle, and other special features.


Where does the name “Origin 846” come from? What does the ox and the statue mean on the label?


Origin 846 is the healthiest, the most delicious unfiltered and unprocessed extra virgin olive oil on the market today. It is also important to live a healthy lifestyle and feed your family with only the best ingredients. Find out why Origin 846 should be part of your daily lifestyle, and it’s social engagment efforts.

Origin 846 is proudly supported by chefs and home cooks from the USA and Canada.

Find out who is behind the creation of some of Origin 846’s recipes and photos on your social media platforms and see how they use it in their everyday cooking.

Find out more about CHO America – the parent company behind Origin 846.